September 2014

Episode 11: Connection Between Emotions and Disease

What causes your physical symptoms? Is it just physical or are the roots of the physical in the emotional body? Learn how your body is trying to express something and how our old triggers are running our lives.

Episode 10: Overcoming Mindless Night Eating

Are you a night time snacker? How do we break this TV time ritual with the chips, cookies and unnecessary foods that are causing weight gain? Find out more here!

Episode 8: Cauliflower Rice

A great paleo, gluten, dairy and grain free side dish that looks like a starch! Add more vegetables to your meals with fun ways to prepare them.

Episode 9: Top 3 Foods Making You Sick

Food is medicine and usually the first offender of aggravating our bodies. Learn what top 3 foods could be causing symptoms and disease in your body.

Episode 7: 3 Worst Exercises for Your Joints: Upright Rows

The upright row is another high risk exercise for the shoulder joints but can be modified. Because the shoulder joint is very mobile but not too stable, it is at risk for injury more often than not without proper consideration for the structure of the joint.

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Episode 4: Not Taking Things Personally

Out of all of the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, not taking things personally is probably the hardest one. Learn some insights about why and how you can not take things personally anymore.

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Episode 3: What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Do you often wonder why there are people healing themselves outside of the Western Medicine model yet no one is publicizing it? Learn how the new wellness revolution model is providing answers as an alternative to traditional medicine.