October 2014

Episode 37: All Muscles Pull, Not Push

Have you been told that some muscles pull and some push? Wrong!! All muscles pull and learning how to apply this to your workouts can get you better results.

Episode 36: If Love is a Game

Ten rules for authentic relationships by Dr Cherie Carter Scott in her New York Times Best Selling Book.

Episode 35: Law of Attraction in Business

How does Law of Attraction work with business? Are you leveraging the universal energy? Do you struggle in business? Are you tired to doing too much?

Episode 30: Wear Sexy Underwear

Feeling like you need a boost of confidence? Learn different, easy steps you can take to change your energy and bring out the best in you.

Episode 29: Emotional Cord Cutting

Are you energetically connected to another in an unhealthy way? Could your emotional connection to past relationships be stopping you from being fully present in your current relationship?