Episode 68: What Your Style Says About You

Do you know your body type? Are you sending the right message by the clothes you choose. Listen here to learn more about how to dress to success at dating and life.

Episode 67: Turning Trauma into Triumph

What do you do when you feel that life has thrown you some curve balls? How do you go on? Listen to this interview and learn the 3 steps to reclaiming life

Episode 65: How a Detox Changed My Life

How do you go from eating poorly to being inspired to make a life style change?Try a detox diet. Learn how this stay at home mom who used to eat fast food has transformed into a healthy eater!

Episode 64: Paleo Berry Crisp

Paleo, gluten free, dairy free berry dessert! Healthy and delicious! Try it with what is in season and organic.

Episode 63: Why You Want to Use a Heart Rate Monitor

If you have hit a plateau with your fitness and weight loss program, using a heart rate monitor can help you cross that threshold. If you are doing cardio without a monitor, you could be wasting a lot of time.

Episode 62: Understanding Chakras

Want to really use your energy to heal your body, break through patterns and living optimally? Learn how you can access and use your energy to create health in your body and life.

Episode 61: Stress and the Holidays

Overeat every years during the holidays? Want to have a different experience this year? Learn some tools to help with both food, family and stress management.

Episode 60: A Few Myths about Exercise

The body changes as we age and our thoughts, beliefs and knowledge about exercise might need an update! Learn what top myths and mistakes are keeping your stuck and at a plateau.

Episode 59: Raw Vegan Cheese

Raw, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soy free easy homemade cheese!! Spice it many ways but enjoy some cheesy goodness without the inflammation, hormones, or antibiotics!