January 2015

Episode 98: How to Use Tarot Cards

Ever wonder why people do tarot cards? Learn about the energy of Tarot and the correlation of how the hidden messages can help your life.

Episode 95: Easy Vegetable Soup

Want to love eating your vegetables? Here is an easy vegetable soup recipe to get in more vegetable every day. Watch now and make your own! This recipe is a

Episode 94: Mind Body Connection in Exercise

Do you what the mind body connection in exercise is? Learn how to connect and activate muscles like you have not before to get the results you want! Connect to

Episode 93: Astrology and Life Purpose

Are you living the life you were designed for? Find out what planets will give you the most information to help determine your astrology and life purpose.

Episode 92: The Dangers of “Mindset”

Have you tried to change your mindset and continued to repeat the same behavior? Find out where mindset falls short and how to best get results that last.

Episode 91: Motivating Yourself to Exercise Do you struggle with getting yourself to exercise? Learn some techniques that can help you with motivating yourself to exercise- listen here! Discover what easy tricks and tips you

Episode 90: Easy Veggie Pasta

Love Italian food but want less calories?  Make your pasta out of vegetables!  Watch this video and start enjoying veggie pasta. Better than spaghetti squash, using different vegetables can give