September 2015

S2 015: What Losing My Parents to Cancer Taught Me

How does someone recover from losing both parents at an early age to cancer? Join me and Allison Melody as she discusses how her life changed and the lessons she learned from her experience.

S2 011: The Hidden Meaning in Your Dreams

Ever wonder why you dream what you do? Dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden explains how many dreams we have each night, how to remember them and a few common dreams and their message.

S2 010: What is Mindfulness?

How do you explain mindfulness and is it meditation? What does it have to do with bullying? Join Bruce Langford and I as we discuss how mindfulness is necessary in todays fast paced world and what benefits you can get from this practice.

S2 009: The Truth about Sugar

Confused about what sugar is good for you and what is not? We talk about stevia, xylitol, coconut sugar, agave, splenda and more!

S2 008: Creamy Berry Shake

This delicious berry shake recipe includes ingredients you might usually take in a vitamin form but can be added to the shake! It’s Paleo, Dairy & Gluten free and plenty of protein.

S2 007: One Arm Row – Back Exercise

Another one of the great back exercises to isolate left from right and strengthen your ability to activate your rhomboids, lats, and traps correctly.

S2 006: Biggest Myth about Men

Alison Armstrong shares with us what her 20+ years of studying men determined as the biggest myth. This show is loaded with a ton of insight and tips to improve all your relationships.