S2 012: Myths and Facts about Gay Weddings

Front Cover - V18(1)Gay Grooms GuideDo you believe the stereotypes out there about gay weddings, relationships and marriage? Join Robert Blackmon and I as we uncover the myths.

His snappy style, attention to detail and effervescent personality, make author and life style expect Robert E. Blackmon the “Go To Guy” for planning and living your perfect life.

For more than two decades Robert has designed, DIY’d and organized clients across the globe including such celebrities as Brooke Shields, Bea Arthur and Judy Tenuta.Growing up an only child in Detroit, Michigan his mom “Miss Clara” noticed a creative side in him at an early age. She enrolled him in art classes which clearly contributed to his artistic eye.

Robert designed dresses to help pay for college and quickly garnered a name for himself for his “campy costumes” and wedding gowns. Before online shopping became common place, Robert started an online, high end children’s company catering to grandparents who love to overindulge their grandchildren called “Aunt Bobbie’s Baby”.

These days Robert combines all of his talents into helping others experience their full life’s potential…Their way! From finding the perfect wedding dress to learning how to live with a messy roommate, Robert helps you find the solutions to living your perfect life! This author, designer, husband, father and grandpa has just about seen and done it all. And will use his experience to help you live your perfect life your way!

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