S2 015: What Losing My Parents to Cancer Taught Me

How does someone recover from losing both parents at an early age to cancer? Join me and Allison Melody as she discusses how her life changed and the lessons she learned from her experience.

AllisonMelodyFoodHealsPodcastAllison Melody is the director of the documentary, Food Heals and is the host of The Food Heals Podcast. She is a dog-loving entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness and food! As a true lover of life and all things just, she is dedicated to producing projects and programs that support community building, social causes and a holistic approach to health and healing. Allison holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is the Founder of Holistic Voice. Her credentials are evident of her personal calling to find and share new methodologies for health and healing. At the age of 26, Allison endured the devastating loss of both her parents after their long and challenging battles with cancer. She watched in disbelief as doctors prescribed drug after drug, observed her parents’ hair fall out, their rapidly aging faces, and their exceedingly diminishing vitality. Having witness both her parents’ intense and needless suffering from a cure that brought more pain than the disease, Allison knew she had to dedicate her life toward finding a better way of healing. The tragedy instilled in her an unwavering passion for nutritional medicine and propelled her into the world of holistic health and alternative healing.

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