October 2015

S2 038: Uncovering Your Life Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? Feeling depressed or lost? This is an important topic so listen to Angie Swartz give you clues as to how to uncover your life purpose!

S2 037: The Price of Change

What’s at risk when you decide to change your life, business or health? Can things stay as they are? Find out what happened when Cathy lost over 60 pounds, healed the relationship with her husband and son and sold her business. What is the price of change?

S2 036: Eating to Silence Your Inner Critic

How does food affect your mood? Learn how foods create more cravings and leave you feeling terrible. Some of the emotional eating may not be emotionally rooted after all!

S2 035: Homemade Cocktail Sauce

Want a quick, easy and healthy way to make homemade cocktail sauce? Jeanne Peters shows us how fast and easy it can be!

S2 034: Using a Stairmaster

Is the stairmaster something everyone should use? Find out why this piece of equipment may not be right for you

S2 032: Dealing with Betrayal

How do you process a situation when you feel betrayed? What does it mean for you? Lynne Forrest shares the 3 step process of dealing with betrayal.

S2 031: Probiotics, Weight Loss and More

Did you know that probiotics effect weight loss, digestion, immunity and mood? Find out the best sources, how much and how often in this show!

S2 030: Gourmet Chicken Salad

I recreated a healthier version of this salad I had at a deli that blew me away. Simple ingredients that made chicken salad exciting!