January 2016

S2 070: What is Your Life Destiny Number?

Numerology has meaning in our personalities and lives. Calculate your number and find out how to utilize this information to enhance your life in every way!

S2 069: Lemon Walnut Green Beans

A creative and tasty spin on a regular vegetable dish! Love to spice up my veggies to make different, more exciting options!

S2 068: Bosu Crunch

A great fitness tool for balance, the bosu is also great for ab and core work

S2 065: Tricep Pulldown with a Rope or Bar

I see so many people doing this exercise in an unproductive and even dangerous way. Want to target the back of the arm? Learn about your triceps and how to do this properly.

S2 064: Manifesting Wealth and Success

Learn how Justin Verrengia went from in debt to making his first million online using the law of attraction. Great story full of practical advice on manifesting wealth and success.