February 2016

S2 089: Kickboxing Front Kick

A front kick in kickboxing is a great way to get some cardio, strength and balance work in all at the same time! Proper form is important to make sure you use your power accurately and keep it safe for your knee!

S2 088: Power of Communicating with Your Animals

Did you know there are people who can communicate with animals? Did you know that you can learn how to improve your intuition when it comes to your pets and animals? Join us for this interesting show!

S2 086: Gluten & Dairy Free Crepes

I love crepes and was excited to have Dr. Meg show us an easy way to make them gluten and dairy free! A perfect treat for a special occasion.

S2 085: Dangers of Kickboxing and Boxing

Kickboxing and boxing can be great exercise if done properly. Many people experience knee and shoulder injuries from doing these sports without executing the moves properly. Watch and learn how to get the most from kickboxing and boxing without the injuries!

S2 084: How to Break the Patterns

Learn about NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming and how to use the power of the mind to change your life, body and money! Justin Verrengia takes us through an exercise to activate confidence and power.

S2 081: 4 Variations of a Plank Exercise

I love the plank for upperbody and core exercise and also because it is isometric! Here are 4 different ways to do a plank and how they effect your muscles.