February 2016

S2 078: How Smart is Your Exercise?

Join JJ when Allison and Suzy from the Food Heals Podcast ask about weight loss, joint integrity, and the best exercises to do!

S2 077: Garlicky Kale

Can you ever have enough recipes for kale? This is a cooked kale with basic ingredients but makes for a fabulous, super healthy and delicious side dish.

S2 076: Cable Tricep Overhead Extension

This is one of my favorite exercises to do on the cable machine! Target your tricpes while getting in an isometric lunge. Watch and try it!

S2 075: Transcending Toxic Relationships

Are you stuck in an unhealthy relationship? How are your family dynamics? Let Moira Shepard guide you through a process of healing to transcend toxic relationships.

S2 074: Best Therapy for True Healing

Do you get triggered? Are you tired of avoiding things in life because of the emotional pain you feel about them? Listen to today’s show to learn about a therapy that can work fast and help with true healing.

S2 073: Easy Cruciferous Crunch Salad

This is a great salad to help detox chemicals stuck in our body and helps to metabolize excess harmful hormones from our food and environment.

S2 072: Why You Want to Use an Eliptical Machine

This is an intermediate and advanced machine that is great for your joints and can help increase your balance and stability while being intense enough to burn fat and calories.