March 2016

S2 105: How to Find More Time

Can you really find more time? What habits allow you to be more productive? Join Lisa Druxman and I as we talk about how to find more time whether you are a business owner, mom or both.

S2 103: Back Muscles at Home- A Ball Row

Doing back exercises with free weights can be challenging for your lower back and torso because of the amount of stabilization you need. If you use a ball properly, you can focus on your upper back muscles without extra stress on your lower back.

S2 102: The Art of Forgetting

How do you deal with relationship conflicts? Could you believe that forgetting could be helpful? Join Michael Neeley and I as we define what the art of forgetting in relationships really means.

S2 101: Tips for Detoxing Your Home

Want to rid your home of toxic chemicals that cause irritations, rashes, allergies, skin conditions and more? Leslie Reichert and I go over how to detox your home bottom to top!

S2 100: Basic Healthy Chili Recipe

We love chili and playing with different spices and flavors every time. This recipe is a basic healthy start and then add your favorite herbs and spices! JJ Flizanes is

S2 099: How to Cross in Boxing

The cross is a take down punch but done improperly, it can take down your knee too! Learn how to throw a powerful, safe and effective cross in boxing. JJ

S2 098: How to Stay Conscious

What is consciousness? And how do we find ways to stay connected and conscious throughout our busy lives?

S2 097: JJ’s Favorite Green Juice

Want a healthy green juice that tastes good? I love this recipe and variations of it because it helps me to enjoy drinking my vegetables!

S2 096: How to Jab in Boxing

Injure yourself in a group boxing class? Learn how to throw a proper jab in boxing to get the most force while protecting your wrist and shoulder from injury.