April 2016

S2 123: Buddhism as a Lifestyle

Are you familiar with what Buddhism really is and how it could benefit you? Michael Neely explains all about Buddhism and using principles of the practice to live a happier, more peaceful life!

S2 122: Why We Need to Detox

Are you new to the idea of doing a detox for your body and why you even need or would want to? We cover the why and how in this show!

S2 121: Paleo Sweet Potato Pancake

When I found out I could still have pancakes while being paleo, I was excited! Simple, easy, hearty and feels like a treat! Great to have after a morning workout!

S2 119: Makeovers- Where Do I Start?

Feel like it’s time to find your style or update your image? This is a great show about matching the outside image to the inside person. Kimberly Seltzer gives us a breakdown of how to start this process in this show.

S2 118: Discover the Gift Markings in Your Hands

Did you know that the lines in your hands mean something? You may have personal gifts you are overlooking! Listen to Baeth Davis explain what the gift markings look like and what they mean. Could be a life changer!

S2 117: Why I am Not Vegan

In this show, we discuss the benefits and challenges of a vegan diet as well as a paleo diet. What does your body need for optimal health?

S2 115: Advanced Hamstring Exercises

Building on the last few weeks of how to properly engage and strengthen your hamstrings, these advanced exercises can be done at home or at the gym.