April 2016

S2 113: How Your Dreams Can Give You Power

Kelly Sullivan Walden is back with more about how we can use our dreams to improve and guide our lives. We talk about nightmares, how to remember your dreams and the hidden meaning in your dreams.

S2 112: The 10 Best Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

Leslie Reichert, The Green Cleaning Coach, shares with us another great show filled with ways to use baking soda to clean in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room and more!

S2 109: The 5 Relationship Models- Which Are You?

What if your communication or relationship challenges are coming from different models of how to be in relationship? Alison covers the different types of relationship models, what they want, how they communicate and how to understand and identify which one you and your loved ones practice most.

S2 108: Tarot and Intuition

How do you use Tarot cards? Which deck is appropriate for beginners? How can I strengthen my intuition? Listen in to psychic Lorrie Kazan and learn more!

S2 106: Beginner Hamstring Exercises

Most people are not connecting to their hamstrings in the most efficient way. These beginner hamstring exercises lay the ground work and foundation for getting the most from your exercise.