May 2016

Season 2 Finale: Blooper Reel

Thanks to Jeanne Peters, Meg Haworth and everyone who participated in Season 2 of the Fit 2 Love Podcast. Enjoy this short clip of behind the scenes!

S2 139: What Do I Do For Prevention?

Wondering what tools and practices to use to stay healthy, happy and full of life? This show covers you from head to toe, inside out and backwards!!

S2 138: What’s Missing in Your Weight Loss Program?

Ever get frustrated that you can’t seem to keep off the weight you lose? Have you tried everything and lost hope you can lose weight for good? Listen to Diane Daniels, host of Weight Loss Nation, ask JJ Flizanes how to truly have a healthy lifestyle!

S2 137: Paleo Pizza Crust

It’s finally here! A grain free, gluten free, paleo pizza crust recipe and mix! Make it from scratch or use a mix and enjoy your favorite toppings on it!

S2 136: The Best Kind of Lunge

A lunge can be a great exercise as well as a high risk exercise. Choose why you do it and how you do it wisely so you can get the most from this leg exercise without the injury.

S2 135: Dating and Body Language

How do you know if you are sending the wrong messages with your body language? How can you change how you come across to the opposite sex when dating? Is your body language effecting your career as well?

S2 134: How Do I Love Myself?

Have you heard people talk about self care or self love and have no idea how to do that? This show covers ways in which you can identify what you need and how to give yourself love in meaningful and effective ways.