May 2016

S2 131: Advanced Pushups

When you have mastered pushups in a mindful, slow and controlled form, try using the ball to add instability and make this exercise more advanced!

S2 130: Cleaning with Lemons

There are so many ways to use lemons to clean every room and aspect of your life! Join Leslie Reichert and I as we discuss how to use lemon to clean in the laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and more!

S2 128: Beginner Pushups

Proper form for a pushup is critical to maximize efficiency for your muscles while not causing damage or discomfort to your wrists, shoulders and lower back. A great way for everyone to practice doing pushups!

S2 127: Get Unstuck from the Trickiest Ruts

Do you feel stuck right now in some area of life? Want some quick exercises to help transform your energy and situation? Remy Chausse takes us through 3 steps guaranteed to help get you unstuck!

S2 126: Dealing with Anxiety

Do you have anxiety? Do you know what beliefs contribute to your anxiety? Jeff Agostinelli shares how we can become aware and what to do about it!