JJ Flizanes

Episode 75: Roasted Chestnut Soup

This unique soup recipe has a nutty and almost meaty flavor that it can be used as a vegan gravy! Chestnuts are a season dish, wow your guest and watch this.

Episode 74: Proper Form for Crunches

Most people do this very common exercise in an inefficient way. Learn the basics of how to do a crunch so you can apply it every time you do ab work

Episode 72: Emotional Energy Management

What role do emotions play in your energy level? Listen here to find out where each emotion falls on the energy scale and how to manage your emotions for more physical energy

Episode 70: Raw Macademia Nut Cream

Raw, gluten free, dairy free, and grain free healthy, delicious dessert. Great to use on seasonal fruit! Watch the video to see how simple and easy it is!

Episode 68: What Your Style Says About You

Do you know your body type? Are you sending the right message by the clothes you choose. Listen here to learn more about how to dress to success at dating and life.