JJ Flizanes

Episode 83: Fatal Dating Mistakes

Are you single and wondering what you are doing wrong? Listen to this show and learn the top fatal dating mistakes women and men make.

Episode 80: Alternatives to the Flu Shot

Want a healthier way to avoid the flu? The CDC even admitted that the flu shot was ineffective. Listen here to learn alternatives to the flu shot.

Episode 79: Simple Green Smoothie

Want an easy way to get in your veggies everyday? Try a simple green smoothie!  You can experiment with different ingredients too. You don’t have to drink this for breakfast,

Episode 78: Getting Rid of Belly Fat

  Want to target your midsection and focus on getting rid of belly fat?  Watch this and learn what factor contribute to what you call belly fat. Learn the steps

Blooper Reel for 2014

    Here is the short and sweet video bloopers from 2014 Fit 2 Love Podcast Show.  These are the cooking and exercise video moments that didn’t make it into the