Freedom Fridays

S2 134: How Do I Love Myself?

Have you heard people talk about self care or self love and have no idea how to do that? This show covers ways in which you can identify what you need and how to give yourself love in meaningful and effective ways.

S2 127: Get Unstuck from the Trickiest Ruts

Do you feel stuck right now in some area of life? Want some quick exercises to help transform your energy and situation? Remy Chausse takes us through 3 steps guaranteed to help get you unstuck!

S2 123: Buddhism as a Lifestyle

Are you familiar with what Buddhism really is and how it could benefit you? Michael Neely explains all about Buddhism and using principles of the practice to live a happier, more peaceful life!

S2 118: Discover the Gift Markings in Your Hands

Did you know that the lines in your hands mean something? You may have personal gifts you are overlooking! Listen to Baeth Davis explain what the gift markings look like and what they mean. Could be a life changer!

S2 113: How Your Dreams Can Give You Power

Kelly Sullivan Walden is back with more about how we can use our dreams to improve and guide our lives. We talk about nightmares, how to remember your dreams and the hidden meaning in your dreams.

S2 108: Tarot and Intuition

How do you use Tarot cards? Which deck is appropriate for beginners? How can I strengthen my intuition? Listen in to psychic Lorrie Kazan and learn more!

S2 095: Prayer vs Meditation

Looking for answers? What you feel may be stopping you from finding the answers you seek. This show is about how to use prayer and meditation most effectively.

S2 088: Power of Communicating with Your Animals

Did you know there are people who can communicate with animals? Did you know that you can learn how to improve your intuition when it comes to your pets and animals? Join us for this interesting show!

S2 075: Transcending Toxic Relationships

Are you stuck in an unhealthy relationship? How are your family dynamics? Let Moira Shepard guide you through a process of healing to transcend toxic relationships.