Freedom Fridays

S2 070: What is Your Life Destiny Number?

Numerology has meaning in our personalities and lives. Calculate your number and find out how to utilize this information to enhance your life in every way!

S2 064: Manifesting Wealth and Success

Learn how Justin Verrengia went from in debt to making his first million online using the law of attraction. Great story full of practical advice on manifesting wealth and success.

S2 056: 5 Steps to a Joyful, Stress Free Holiday Season

Do the holidays stress you out? Want to create a different and better experience? Angie Swartz from Life Purpose Advisor walks us through 5 simple ways to start changing our patterns and creating better holiday experiences.

S2 038: Uncovering Your Life Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? Feeling depressed or lost? This is an important topic so listen to Angie Swartz give you clues as to how to uncover your life purpose!

S2 017: Expanding Your Comfort Zone

A quick reminder of how we all have fear and that stepping out of our comfort zone can be scary. I open up about some recent fears.

S2 011: The Hidden Meaning in Your Dreams

Ever wonder why you dream what you do? Dream expert Kelly Sullivan Walden explains how many dreams we have each night, how to remember them and a few common dreams and their message.