Movement Mondays

S2 136: The Best Kind of Lunge

A lunge can be a great exercise as well as a high risk exercise. Choose why you do it and how you do it wisely so you can get the most from this leg exercise without the injury.

S2 131: Advanced Pushups

When you have mastered pushups in a mindful, slow and controlled form, try using the ball to add instability and make this exercise more advanced!

S2 128: Beginner Pushups

Proper form for a pushup is critical to maximize efficiency for your muscles while not causing damage or discomfort to your wrists, shoulders and lower back. A great way for everyone to practice doing pushups!

S2 115: Advanced Hamstring Exercises

Building on the last few weeks of how to properly engage and strengthen your hamstrings, these advanced exercises can be done at home or at the gym.

S2 106: Beginner Hamstring Exercises

Most people are not connecting to their hamstrings in the most efficient way. These beginner hamstring exercises lay the ground work and foundation for getting the most from your exercise.

S2 103: Back Muscles at Home- A Ball Row

Doing back exercises with free weights can be challenging for your lower back and torso because of the amount of stabilization you need. If you use a ball properly, you can focus on your upper back muscles without extra stress on your lower back.

S2 099: How to Cross in Boxing

The cross is a take down punch but done improperly, it can take down your knee too! Learn how to throw a powerful, safe and effective cross in boxing. JJ