Movement Mondays

S2 096: How to Jab in Boxing

Injure yourself in a group boxing class? Learn how to throw a proper jab in boxing to get the most force while protecting your wrist and shoulder from injury.

S2 089: Kickboxing Front Kick

A front kick in kickboxing is a great way to get some cardio, strength and balance work in all at the same time! Proper form is important to make sure you use your power accurately and keep it safe for your knee!

S2 085: Dangers of Kickboxing and Boxing

Kickboxing and boxing can be great exercise if done properly. Many people experience knee and shoulder injuries from doing these sports without executing the moves properly. Watch and learn how to get the most from kickboxing and boxing without the injuries!

S2 081: 4 Variations of a Plank Exercise

I love the plank for upperbody and core exercise and also because it is isometric! Here are 4 different ways to do a plank and how they effect your muscles.

S2 076: Cable Tricep Overhead Extension

This is one of my favorite exercises to do on the cable machine! Target your tricpes while getting in an isometric lunge. Watch and try it!

S2 072: Why You Want to Use an Eliptical Machine

This is an intermediate and advanced machine that is great for your joints and can help increase your balance and stability while being intense enough to burn fat and calories.

S2 068: Bosu Crunch

A great fitness tool for balance, the bosu is also great for ab and core work

S2 065: Tricep Pulldown with a Rope or Bar

I see so many people doing this exercise in an unproductive and even dangerous way. Want to target the back of the arm? Learn about your triceps and how to do this properly.

S2 061: Stupid Ab Exercise

Many people do exercises that have more risk than benefit and this is one of them! We don’t want to create an injury when exercising! JJ Flizanes launched her professional