Movement Mondays

Episode 43: Chest Press on the Floor (or Bench)

Discover how to most effectively do chest exercises, especially a basic chest press. The more you understand how it really works, the more effective your exercises can be!

Episode 37: All Muscles Pull, Not Push

Have you been told that some muscles pull and some push? Wrong!! All muscles pull and learning how to apply this to your workouts can get you better results.

Episode 19: 10 Minute Leg Routine for Beginners

Exercise while watching TV! These simple exercises can be done anywhere and can help you build muscle, increase your metabolism and to start creating a healthy habit of exercise.

Episode 7: 3 Worst Exercises for Your Joints: Upright Rows

The upright row is another high risk exercise for the shoulder joints but can be modified. Because the shoulder joint is very mobile but not too stable, it is at risk for injury more often than not without proper consideration for the structure of the joint.