Sexy Saturdays

S2 135: Dating and Body Language

How do you know if you are sending the wrong messages with your body language? How can you change how you come across to the opposite sex when dating? Is your body language effecting your career as well?

S2 119: Makeovers- Where Do I Start?

Feel like it’s time to find your style or update your image? This is a great show about matching the outside image to the inside person. Kimberly Seltzer gives us a breakdown of how to start this process in this show.

S2 109: The 5 Relationship Models- Which Are You?

What if your communication or relationship challenges are coming from different models of how to be in relationship? Alison covers the different types of relationship models, what they want, how they communicate and how to understand and identify which one you and your loved ones practice most.

S2 102: The Art of Forgetting

How do you deal with relationship conflicts? Could you believe that forgetting could be helpful? Join Michael Neeley and I as we define what the art of forgetting in relationships really means.

S2 091: Manifesting Your Soulmate

Can you screw up finding your soulmate? What part do you play in attracting the right partner for you? Join our conversation for some dating, marriage, law of attraction and relationship advice!

S2 057: Which Greek Goddess are You?

Helen Hodgson shares with us 5 major Greek Goddess archetypes and how we can work with this to create more balance in our lives.