Sexy Saturdays

S2 028: Men and Emotions

How to men deal with emotions differently than women? How can women best communicate emotions to men? Listen to this show for insight!

S2 018: Renew Your Feminine Spirit

Run down and tired of taking care of everyone else but yourself? Listen to the 5 steps on how to renew your feminine spirit and start taking care of you first.

S2 006: Biggest Myth about Men

Alison Armstrong shares with us what her 20+ years of studying men determined as the biggest myth. This show is loaded with a ton of insight and tips to improve all your relationships.

Episode 162: 4 Signs that You Should Break Up with Him

Are you struggling with a relationship and wondering if your problems are worth sticking around for? Listen here and learn the 4 signs that could let you know it’s time to move on and break up with him.

Episode 158: What is a Mother?

Happy Mother’s Day! What is the definition of a mother? All Mother’s others are different so we explore that a little in today show dedicated to Mother’s day!

Episode 127: Becoming a Warrior for Love

Are all relationships worth fighting for? When is it time to quit? Listen to this show and learn how to become a warrior for love and know when it’s right.