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Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Want some love on Valentines Day?  Watch this!  One minute to help you focus, remember and activate the love inside of you today and always! Big Hug! JJ Flizanes is

Episode 105: The Courage to Date Again

Not over your last love or break up? Finding the courage to date again can take a process, Listen to this show and understand how to overcome your fears.

Episode 83: Fatal Dating Mistakes

Are you single and wondering what you are doing wrong? Listen to this show and learn the top fatal dating mistakes women and men make.

Episode 68: What Your Style Says About You

Do you know your body type? Are you sending the right message by the clothes you choose. Listen here to learn more about how to dress to success at dating and life.

Episode 36: If Love is a Game

Ten rules for authentic relationships by Dr Cherie Carter Scott in her New York Times Best Selling Book.