Tasty Tuesdays

S2 097: JJ’s Favorite Green Juice

Want a healthy green juice that tastes good? I love this recipe and variations of it because it helps me to enjoy drinking my vegetables!

S2 093: Paleo Almond Hummus

A tasty recipe that replaces garbanzo beans with almonds! I love it spicy so check out this recipe and try it at home!

S2 086: Gluten & Dairy Free Crepes

I love crepes and was excited to have Dr. Meg show us an easy way to make them gluten and dairy free! A perfect treat for a special occasion.

S2 077: Garlicky Kale

Can you ever have enough recipes for kale? This is a cooked kale with basic ingredients but makes for a fabulous, super healthy and delicious side dish.

S2 073: Easy Cruciferous Crunch Salad

This is a great salad to help detox chemicals stuck in our body and helps to metabolize excess harmful hormones from our food and environment.

S2 069: Lemon Walnut Green Beans

A creative and tasty spin on a regular vegetable dish! Love to spice up my veggies to make different, more exciting options!