Tasty Tuesdays

S2 059: Southwestern Chicken Chili

This easy and healthy recipe is great for winter! It can be adjusted to make it mild, medium and spicy to suit you and your family!

S2 055: Vegan Asparagus Miso Soup

Vegan asparagus miso soup is a great creamy soup that you can make soy free as well! Super easy, healthy and delicious.

S2 051: Raw Cocoa Maca Balls

A great, low sugar healthy dessert that helps to heal your hormones. Maca can also impact and promote fertility!

S2 044: Spicy Egg Salad

If you love egg salad, here is an easy and fast recipe to make it a little more exciting. You can also use this recipe for deviled eggs too!

S2 040: Grilled Eggplant Recipe

Want a fast, easy and delicious way to prepare eggplant? Try this recipe from Dr. Meg Haworth- I loved it!

S2 035: Homemade Cocktail Sauce

Want a quick, easy and healthy way to make homemade cocktail sauce? Jeanne Peters shows us how fast and easy it can be!

S2 030: Gourmet Chicken Salad

I recreated a healthier version of this salad I had at a deli that blew me away. Simple ingredients that made chicken salad exciting!