Thoughtful Thursdays

S2 139: What Do I Do For Prevention?

Wondering what tools and practices to use to stay healthy, happy and full of life? This show covers you from head to toe, inside out and backwards!!

S2 126: Dealing with Anxiety

Do you have anxiety? Do you know what beliefs contribute to your anxiety? Jeff Agostinelli shares how we can become aware and what to do about it!

S2 098: How to Stay Conscious

What is consciousness? And how do we find ways to stay connected and conscious throughout our busy lives?

S2 084: How to Break the Patterns

Learn about NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming and how to use the power of the mind to change your life, body and money! Justin Verrengia takes us through an exercise to activate confidence and power.

S2 074: Best Therapy for True Healing

Do you get triggered? Are you tired of avoiding things in life because of the emotional pain you feel about them? Listen to today’s show to learn about a therapy that can work fast and help with true healing.

S2 052: The Biggest Addiction We Have

This show covers standard “normal” behavior and explains why it is an addiction. Bruce Langford educates us on how to start a practice that brings peace, calm and happiness.

S2 048: Holiday Eating Tips

What should you focus on when it comes to avoiding holiday weight gain? Listen to some practical holiday eating tips!

S2 042: Defining Emotional Fitness

Why are your emotions important when dealing with fitness? Learn how what you think and feel affect your results. In this show, we really start to define emotional fitness.

S2 037: The Price of Change

What’s at risk when you decide to change your life, business or health? Can things stay as they are? Find out what happened when Cathy lost over 60 pounds, healed the relationship with her husband and son and sold her business. What is the price of change?