Thoughtful Thursdays

S2 032: Dealing with Betrayal

How do you process a situation when you feel betrayed? What does it mean for you? Lynne Forrest shares the 3 step process of dealing with betrayal.

S2 026: Cyberbullying and Confidence

How do you handle bullying? What is the cause and how can we deal with it differently? Whether you or your child has been bullied, this is an important show about cyberbullying and confidence.

S2 022: Preventing Burnout

Whether you are a business owner or mom, these steps will help you focus in a way to get out of burnout or prevent it all together.

S2 016: Understanding Your Beliefs

Are you unhappy in your career, relationships and life? Have you examined your beliefs that create your feelings? Join Gary Van Warmerdam and I as we start to transform your beliefs and feelings.

S2 010: What is Mindfulness?

How do you explain mindfulness and is it meditation? What does it have to do with bullying? Join Bruce Langford and I as we discuss how mindfulness is necessary in todays fast paced world and what benefits you can get from this practice.