Thoughtful Thursdays

Episode 134: Are you a Victim, Rescuer or Persecutor?

Which of these roles best describes your position in life, family or drama situations? Listen and learn how to get off the triangle, if you have victim mentality and why you might be on the triangle in the first place.

Episode 113: Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Would you like to overcome a situation or belief that stops you from feeling joy? Listen to this show,follow us step by step to transform limiting beliefs!

Episode 103: Emotional Regulation

Do you feel powerless over your feelings? Do you get triggered easily? Want to learn more about your emotions? Listen and learn some tools to help.

Episode 92: The Dangers of “Mindset”

Have you tried to change your mindset and continued to repeat the same behavior? Find out where mindset falls short and how to best get results that last.