Thoughtful Thursdays

Episode 87: The Most Violent Word We Use

Did you know that we often shame ourselves and others in common conversation with violent words? Listen to this show and find out why and how to change it.

Episode 72: Emotional Energy Management

What role do emotions play in your energy level? Listen here to find out where each emotion falls on the energy scale and how to manage your emotions for more physical energy

Episode 61: Stress and the Holidays

Overeat every years during the holidays? Want to have a different experience this year? Learn some tools to help with both food, family and stress management.

Episode 57: Secrets of Self Control

Are you an emotional eater? Looking to practice more self control in other areas of life? Dr. Lisa Galper shares with us the secrets to self control!

Episode 51: The 5 Top Regrets of the Dying

Why wait until it is too late! Find out what the top 5 regrets are and check your life and happiness against it. This list is based on the book written by Bronnie Ware, published by Hay House.

Episode 40: Energy Management

Are you burned out often? Some simple ideas can help you creating practices that keep you healthy, alert and positive!