Wellness Wednesdays

S2 138: What’s Missing in Your Weight Loss Program?

Ever get frustrated that you can’t seem to keep off the weight you lose? Have you tried everything and lost hope you can lose weight for good? Listen to Diane Daniels, host of Weight Loss Nation, ask JJ Flizanes how to truly have a healthy lifestyle!

S2 130: Cleaning with Lemons

There are so many ways to use lemons to clean every room and aspect of your life! Join Leslie Reichert and I as we discuss how to use lemon to clean in the laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and more!

S2 122: Why We Need to Detox

Are you new to the idea of doing a detox for your body and why you even need or would want to? We cover the why and how in this show!

S2 117: Why I am Not Vegan

In this show, we discuss the benefits and challenges of a vegan diet as well as a paleo diet. What does your body need for optimal health?

S2 112: The 10 Best Ways to Clean with Baking Soda

Leslie Reichert, The Green Cleaning Coach, shares with us another great show filled with ways to use baking soda to clean in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room and more!

S2 105: How to Find More Time

Can you really find more time? What habits allow you to be more productive? Join Lisa Druxman and I as we talk about how to find more time whether you are a business owner, mom or both.

S2 101: Tips for Detoxing Your Home

Want to rid your home of toxic chemicals that cause irritations, rashes, allergies, skin conditions and more? Leslie Reichert and I go over how to detox your home bottom to top!