Wellness Wednesdays

S2 078: How Smart is Your Exercise?

Join JJ when Allison and Suzy from the Food Heals Podcast ask about weight loss, joint integrity, and the best exercises to do!

S2 060: What is Your Priority?

Do your actions in life reflect what you consider your priorities? Is health, fitness or weight loss one for 2016? Find out what you may need to be successful this year with those goals.

S2 045: Fitness Over 40

Robert Blackmon shares his plan to shed a few pounds and get healthier in an easy and comfortable way! Fitness over 40 made easy!

S2 041: Mental Energy vs Physical Energy

Does burnout happen in the mind or the body? We discuss the role of mental energy and emotional energy in relationship to burnout, overwhelm and depression.

S2 036: Eating to Silence Your Inner Critic

How does food affect your mood? Learn how foods create more cravings and leave you feeling terrible. Some of the emotional eating may not be emotionally rooted after all!

S2 031: Probiotics, Weight Loss and More

Did you know that probiotics effect weight loss, digestion, immunity and mood? Find out the best sources, how much and how often in this show!

S2 025: Natural Menopause Vs Hysterectomy

Find out why hysterectomies are dangerous and usually unnecessary. Dr Elizabeth Plourde shares her decade of research and promotes natural menopause over a hysterectomy in most cases.

S2 021: Improve Wellness with Technology

This show is full of apps that can help you track your sleep, calories, food, meditation, thoughts, heart rate and everything in between. Learn what wellness technology is best for you to get more results!