Wellness Wednesdays

Episode 117: Empowerment Through Fitness

Find out what kind of elements you can add to your workout or what to look for in a group fitness class to add empowerment exercises to your program.

Episode 112: What is Wellness?

What is wellness? Did you know there are 10 points that make up our wellness and well-being? Listen here and check the list against your own life !

Episode 91: Motivating Yourself to Exercise Do you struggle with getting yourself to exercise? Learn some techniques that can help you with motivating yourself to exercise- listen here! Discover what easy tricks and tips you

Episode 86: Improving Your Energy Naturally

Tired of being so tired? Listen to this show and learn how to improve your energy naturally with foods, supplements and practices that boost immunity also.

Episode 80: Alternatives to the Flu Shot

Want a healthier way to avoid the flu? The CDC even admitted that the flu shot was ineffective. Listen here to learn alternatives to the flu shot.