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S2 101: Tips for Detoxing Your Home

Want to rid your home of toxic chemicals that cause irritations, rashes, allergies, skin conditions and more? Leslie Reichert and I go over how to detox your home bottom to top!

S2 100: Basic Healthy Chili Recipe

We love chili and playing with different spices and flavors every time. This recipe is a basic healthy start and then add your favorite herbs and spices! JJ Flizanes is

S2 099: How to Cross in Boxing

The cross is a take down punch but done improperly, it can take down your knee too! Learn how to throw a powerful, safe and effective cross in boxing. JJ

S2 098: How to Stay Conscious

What is consciousness? And how do we find ways to stay connected and conscious throughout our busy lives?

S2 097: JJ’s Favorite Green Juice

Want a healthy green juice that tastes good? I love this recipe and variations of it because it helps me to enjoy drinking my vegetables!

S2 096: How to Jab in Boxing

Injure yourself in a group boxing class? Learn how to throw a proper jab in boxing to get the most force while protecting your wrist and shoulder from injury.

S2 095: Prayer vs Meditation

Looking for answers? What you feel may be stopping you from finding the answers you seek. This show is about how to use prayer and meditation most effectively.

S2 093: Paleo Almond Hummus

A tasty recipe that replaces garbanzo beans with almonds! I love it spicy so check out this recipe and try it at home!