Meditations and Guided Visualization

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Click the “Add to Cart” button on this page to purchase all seven audios for only $47! (save $30!)



Click on the title of the audio you want to purchase- each individual audio is $11.

Or Click the “Add to Cart” button on this page to purchase all seven audios for only $47! (save $30!)

Guided Visualization for Manifestation

This 8 minute daily audio with connect you with the power of visualization to raise your frequency and vibration quickly and allow more of what you want in your life.

Chakra Clearing

The 11 minute audio can be used daily in the morning or evening to balance and clear unwanted energies or blocks from your body and mind.

Awaken the Body to Receive Love & Release Shame

This 24 minute audio is designed to reconnect you to your body while infusing each area with love and gratitude, replacing shame and negativity. This audio can be used daily or often to create a better relationship with your body.

Making Peace with Contrast 

This 19 minute audio is designed to help ease the burdens of life and troubles we come in contact with. This can be used daily or often to transition from despair to hopefulness.

Morning Meditation for Receiving Mode

This 9 minute audio is designed to help you start the day with a clean, clear, positive vibration to set the tone for allowing all good things into your experience. Can be used daily or often.

Replacing Blocked Energy in the Body with Love

This 17 minute audio is to make peace with and release any stuck negative energy in the body.  From physical pain and discomfort to anxiety and nervous energy, this audio can help you bring more calm into the body to center and ground you.

Strengthening Manifestation

This 17 min audio is like exercise for manifestation with focus, feeling and thoughts.  This can be done daily or often to help focus you on what you want and release limiting thoughts and beliefs that block manifestation.

JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist. She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, an Amazon best-selling author of Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life, and author of Knack Absolute Abs: Routines for a Fit and Firm Core, and was named Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles for 2007 by Elite Traveler Magazine. Read more...

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