Shift in a Box-Hypnosis for Weight Loss



A) Pre-Shift Experience

Once you order you Shift-in-a- Box you will immediately begin receiving the 5 Day PRE-SHIFT Video Coaching Series by email. The Pre-Shift Series are daily video sessions over 5 days (average running time 20 minutes) that will empower you to set up your mind and environment for success and teach you how to begin losing weight—even before your Shift-in a Box arrives!

B) The Shift-in-a-Box Process

The process, beginning with your Shift Day 1, is designed in such a way that by listening to the hypnosis and coaching sessions in tandem on a daily basis, bit by bit, over the 30 day and by using the works books the process engages your brain in making the SHIFT from Fat Thinking to Thin Thinking.  You begin changing your relationship to food and exercise immediately as you begin to release weight. This process continues even after the daily assignments end when you graduate on day 30.

Note: The coaching and hypnosis sessions only take 20-40 minutes a day and can fit seamlessly into your life.  Coaching can be listened to in the car or during daily tasks or exercise and the hypnosis can be listened to before bed.

Part 1: Start the Journey: The first part of the process takes you through Stage 1 of the Shift from Fat thinking to Thin Thinking.  The cognitive sessions, coaching and hypnosis all work together to get you committed to weight mastery, creating a vision of you at your ideal weight and pushing past old limiting beliefs to believe in your success 100%.

Part 2: 9 Skills Immersion: Now that the roadblocks of old fat thinking has been cleared away, Part 2 of your Shift-in-a-Box Process takes you through Stage 2 of the Shift from Thinking to Thin Thinking by using the coaching and hypnosis to now imbed a powerful foundation of new mindsets and skills of weight loss and maintenance.  These “9 Skills of Weight Mastery” have been taken from over 200 studies of people who have taken weight off permanently—they are proven and time tested ways of living that work!

Part 3: Food Solutions: Now that you are on your way to Weight Mastery during this third part you are guided through Stage 3 of the SHIFT from Fat thinking to Thin Thinking which is about how you feed yourself. We take the time to help you develop a powerful way of eating that supports you in living your life at your ideal weight.  More coaching, hypnosis and food strategies add to the powerful foundation that has already been laid.

Part 4: Personal Plan: Confidence is the key to success and during this last part of the 30 day process you are taken through stage 4 though reviewing what has been working and what you need to feel more competent in.  We even give you new hypnosis and coaching sessions to focus you on the areas that need the most attention so you can finish the process feeling confident and masterful.

Part 5: Daily Motivation and Support Sessions

Whether the coaching comes in the form of writing or video, every day of your Pre-Shift and 30 Day Shift Shift-in-a-Box Process you will receive coaching that supports the theme of that day in your journey and are created and delivered to you by the Shift Weight Mastery Process founder, Rita Black.

C) Post-Shift Experience—Monthly Mastery Program

The Shift-in-a-Box coaching and hypnosis sessions continue to deliver the Shift experience to you past the initial 30 day initiation process for as long as you continue to use them. This allows you to continue to Shift on down the scale at your ideal weight.  There is also support available in the form of online classes and coaching calls as part of the Shift Monthly Mastery Program. You will receive a 2 month complimentary membership to the Monthly Mastery Program when you enroll in your 30 day Shift-in-a-Box program and will receive a substantial discount when you continue on in the program.


Product Description

;shift in a box product

I have a little saying that makes people laugh.  “Stupider people than you have lost weight and kept it off for good!” There are many people who have achieved their ideal weight and kept it off permanently and they are no smarter than you, or richer than you, or luckier than you.  The only thing that they have done that you haven’t is MADE THE SHIFT from FAT THINKING TO THIN THINKING.

Nobody lives in your head 24/7 except you.  I have had clients with plenty of money who had personal chefs, trainers and others who tried to help them lose weight but they arrived at my door still struggling with weight because the solution isn’t outside of themselves but inside of themselves. Only you can guide yourself to long term success because you are the master of your own thoughts which ultimately lead to your actions and your weight.   Right now your thoughts are keeping you with the same predictable outcome again and again!  Right now your Inner Weight Struggler is running the show. In order to lose the weight you need to engage that Inner Weight Loss Coach that has been lying dormant within you for too long! In my own Shift, my extensive research into long term weight loss success and my clinical experience with working with thousands of others over the years to empower them to become successful weight release masters, I have discovered that there are 4 key stages the mind must go through in order to SHIFT out of Fat Thinking and ENGAGE the inner weight loss coach.


  • Releasing weight at a rate you decide.
  • Communicating effectively with yourself both consciously and subconsciously so that will find it easier to exercise consistently and push the plate away when you have had enough, and make healthy choices.
  • Breaking out of limiting beliefs and behaviors that kept you sabotaging yourself and gaining the weight back.
  • Creating a way of eating that allows you to continue to release weight but not feel deprived.
  • Breaking free from addictive eating.
  • Create a powerful alignment with yourself and your vision so you can side step the more critical and rebellious parts of your old thinking
  • Habitually SHIFTING from Fat Thinking to Thin Thinking.
  • On your way to long term permanent weight release and your ideal weight.



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