best way to build muscle at home

S2 045: Fitness Over 40

Robert Blackmon shares his plan to shed a few pounds and get healthier in an easy and comfortable way! Fitness over 40 made easy!

S2 039: A Better Wall Sit Exercise

While a wall sit exercise is convenient, it isn’t safe for your knees. Watch and learn how to protect your knees and do this exercise better.

S2 023: Proper Form for a Rear Delt Row

This exercise focuses on shoulders, traps, and biceps and is targeting the back of the shoulder called the rear deltoid. This is proper form for a rear delt row

S2 007: One Arm Row – Back Exercise

Another one of the great back exercises to isolate left from right and strengthen your ability to activate your rhomboids, lats, and traps correctly.

Episode 163: Basic Shoulder Press

Proper form for a shoulder press, how to think about it, engage your muscles, posture and efficiency in doing this exercise.