easy healthy breakfast

S2 060: What is Your Priority?

Do your actions in life reflect what you consider your priorities? Is health, fitness or weight loss one for 2016? Find out what you may need to be successful this year with those goals.

S2 048: Holiday Eating Tips

What should you focus on when it comes to avoiding holiday weight gain? Listen to some practical holiday eating tips!

S2 044: Spicy Egg Salad

If you love egg salad, here is an easy and fast recipe to make it a little more exciting. You can also use this recipe for deviled eggs too!

S2 036: Eating to Silence Your Inner Critic

How does food affect your mood? Learn how foods create more cravings and leave you feeling terrible. Some of the emotional eating may not be emotionally rooted after all!

S2 015: What Losing My Parents to Cancer Taught Me

How does someone recover from losing both parents at an early age to cancer? Join me and Allison Melody as she discusses how her life changed and the lessons she learned from her experience.

S2 009: The Truth about Sugar

Confused about what sugar is good for you and what is not? We talk about stevia, xylitol, coconut sugar, agave, splenda and more!

S2 008: Creamy Berry Shake

This delicious berry shake recipe includes ingredients you might usually take in a vitamin form but can be added to the shake! It’s Paleo, Dairy & Gluten free and plenty of protein.