exercises not to do

S2 061: Stupid Ab Exercise

Many people do exercises that have more risk than benefit and this is one of them! We don’t want to create an injury when exercising! JJ Flizanes launched her professional

S2 058: Using a Treadmill

Basic do’s and don’ts of using a treadmill to get in your cardio and calorie burning

S2 043: How to do a Lat Pulldown Exercise

Most people use more of their arm muscles than back muscles when doing a lat pulldown exercise. Watch and learn how to guarantee you use your back muscles first.

S2 039: A Better Wall Sit Exercise

While a wall sit exercise is convenient, it isn’t safe for your knees. Watch and learn how to protect your knees and do this exercise better.

Episode 94: Mind Body Connection in Exercise

Do you what the mind body connection in exercise is? Learn how to connect and activate muscles like you have not before to get the results you want! Connect to

Episode 89: Dangers of Crossfit

Thinking about trying the new fitness crave crossfit? Watch this video first and learn the dangers of crossfit and how to reduce your risk of injury. Exercise is supposed to

Episode 78: Getting Rid of Belly Fat

  Want to target your midsection and focus on getting rid of belly fat?  Watch this and learn what factor contribute to what you call belly fat. Learn the steps

Episode 74: Proper Form for Crunches

Most people do this very common exercise in an inefficient way. Learn the basics of how to do a crunch so you can apply it every time you do ab work