feminine energy

S2 057: Which Greek Goddess are You?

Helen Hodgson shares with us 5 major Greek Goddess archetypes and how we can work with this to create more balance in our lives.

S2 051: Raw Cocoa Maca Balls

A great, low sugar healthy dessert that helps to heal your hormones. Maca can also impact and promote fertility!

S2 041: Mental Energy vs Physical Energy

Does burnout happen in the mind or the body? We discuss the role of mental energy and emotional energy in relationship to burnout, overwhelm and depression.

S2 028: Men and Emotions

How to men deal with emotions differently than women? How can women best communicate emotions to men? Listen to this show for insight!

S2 025: Natural Menopause Vs Hysterectomy

Find out why hysterectomies are dangerous and usually unnecessary. Dr Elizabeth Plourde shares her decade of research and promotes natural menopause over a hysterectomy in most cases.

S2 022: Preventing Burnout

Whether you are a business owner or mom, these steps will help you focus in a way to get out of burnout or prevent it all together.

S2 018: Renew Your Feminine Spirit

Run down and tired of taking care of everyone else but yourself? Listen to the 5 steps on how to renew your feminine spirit and start taking care of you first.

S2 006: Biggest Myth about Men

Alison Armstrong shares with us what her 20+ years of studying men determined as the biggest myth. This show is loaded with a ton of insight and tips to improve all your relationships.