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Welcome to Season 2!

Welcome to Season 2! This is a brief audio overview of what is coming in Season 2 and how to best find the information you are looking for.

Episode 167: Easy Tuna Salad

A great protein choice to have around for lunch, dinner or even just a protein packed snack! Watch this tuna salad recipe and try it out for yourself!

Episode 164: Homemade Ketchup

Learn how to make low sugar, diabetic friendly, delicious ketchup from ingredients you trust! No more high fructose corn syrup and preservatives!

Episode 160: Coffee Shake Recipe

Want to combine your coffee and protein shake? Maybe you want to make a frappuccino at home? Watch and get coffee shake recipe to try out!

Episode 155: Authentic Guacamole Recipe

I get rave reviews from this Guacamole recipe that I learned when I moved to California. Watch it and try it! Would love to know if you love it too!