healthy lifestyle adjustments

Episode 49: Easy Roasted Chicken

Full proof chicken that can impress any guests! I use this recipe in cooking classes to show people how easy it can be to make this dish.

Episode 40: Energy Management

Are you burned out often? Some simple ideas can help you creating practices that keep you healthy, alert and positive!

Episode 38: Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Shake

As Fall is setting in, I crave Pumpkin!! Try this Pumpkin Pie Smoothie for breakfast to get in your protein in a seasonal and delicious way.,

Episode 36: If Love is a Game

Ten rules for authentic relationships by Dr Cherie Carter Scott in her New York Times Best Selling Book.

Episode 27: Getting Rid of Those Last 10 Pounds

Learn the expert tips and tricks to getting rid of those last 10 pounds from coach Sara Christensen. She works with women all over the world to shift them into a thinner, happier life and body.