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S2 036: Eating to Silence Your Inner Critic

How does food affect your mood? Learn how foods create more cravings and leave you feeling terrible. Some of the emotional eating may not be emotionally rooted after all!

S2 034: Using a Stairmaster

Is the stairmaster something everyone should use? Find out why this piece of equipment may not be right for you

S2 030: Gourmet Chicken Salad

I recreated a healthier version of this salad I had at a deli that blew me away. Simple ingredients that made chicken salad exciting!

S2 025: Natural Menopause Vs Hysterectomy

Find out why hysterectomies are dangerous and usually unnecessary. Dr Elizabeth Plourde shares her decade of research and promotes natural menopause over a hysterectomy in most cases.

S2 023: Proper Form for a Rear Delt Row

This exercise focuses on shoulders, traps, and biceps and is targeting the back of the shoulder called the rear deltoid. This is proper form for a rear delt row

S2 021: Improve Wellness with Technology

This show is full of apps that can help you track your sleep, calories, food, meditation, thoughts, heart rate and everything in between. Learn what wellness technology is best for you to get more results!

S2 008: Creamy Berry Shake

This delicious berry shake recipe includes ingredients you might usually take in a vitamin form but can be added to the shake! It’s Paleo, Dairy & Gluten free and plenty of protein.